Lighting systems

Long gone are the days when hanging some fluorescent tubes from the ceiling constituted a commercial lighting system. CLARK is expert in the design and installation of modern LED lighting which improves the working environment with health, aesthetic and energy efficiency advantages. More, better light with lower operating costs! This applies inside and outside, with external lighting forming an important part of overnight security.

LED lighting can pay for itself from energy savings very quickly indeed – sometimes within a financial year – where it displaces fluorescent and sodium fittings. For more information on how you can save with LED lighting click here

Emergency Lighting

CLARK carry out all aspects of emergency lighting systems from design, installation and inspection and test. We can provide test records for safety and insurances purposes and assist with the test procedures as required. Legislation dictates that emergency lighting is present, maintained and properly controlled. It is important to stay abreast of the locations of emergency lights when reconfiguring workplaces if exit routes are affected by the addition of partitions.