With the outbreak of COVID-19, and concerns about restrictions on services, CLARK Electrical & General has put in place measures to protect the health of our team and customers. We kindly ask that all customers take these measures into consideration.

Key Workers

The government has stated that key workers may continue practising client-facing services. Businesses like CLARK are included in the list of key workers.

As a key worker CLARK is able to attend call-outs for emergency repairs, maintenance and testing. To help us continue working we ask that you take the following information into consideration before and during our attendance to your premises.

What Our Team Will Do

Our team is fit and healthy. The team is kept up-to-date with all the latest news and requirements to ensure that they achieve a high level of hygiene at home and at work. These measures include:

  • Hygiene – the team is asked to wash hands frequently and all carry hand sanitisers.
  • Cleaning surfaces – the team will clean any surfaces that they come into contact with while working, including door handles.
  • Showing symptoms – if members of our team show any symptoms they will be asked to stay at home until further notice.
  • Rotating staff – our staff is on a rotating schedule to minimise the risk of infection spread. If any team member falls ill CLARK will take precautions to ensure those working with that individual isolate for the advised period of 14 days.
  • Limiting team numbers – to avoid and minimise contact with others you may find that services take slightly longer than usual due to our smaller teams.
  • Checking supplies – CLARK regularly checks with manufacturers and merchants in our supply chain to ensure that materials are available. One of the challenges of the quarantine period is that parts of supply chains are NOT classified as key workers so our industry is relying on available stock. We will keep you informed of any difficulties.

The health of our team is extremely important to us so we ask for your help and patience. The team will be adapting to evolving government guidance and will we will discuss with you before attending your premises. If you would like to know more about the precautions we have in place please contact us.

What You Can Do

We kindly ask that you also take measures into consideration. For the CLARK team to attend your premises we ask you to provide a clean and sanitised environment. Please consider the following:

  • Clean work surfaces – both before and after services are completed, please thoroughly disinfect all work surfaces, door handles etc..
  • Social distancing – while the team is working, you should not be in the same room, or stay at least two metres away from team members.
  • Vulnerable people – if there are any vulnerable people in your team please consider them working from home on the day(s) we attend, or ensure they are working in a different room.
  • Showing symptoms – if anyone in your premises shows symptoms of COVID-19, please inform a member of the CLARK team.
  • Be kind – we are aware this is a stressful time for many people. Please be kind to our team. We are trying our best to help continue providing services and staying healthy.

The CLARK team is working hard to respond to calls as soon as possible, and we kindly ask for your patience while we work through this together.

Emergency Call Outs

CLARK is able to answer calls for emergency electrical and maintenance services. If your call is very urgent, please contact us via telephone, if your call is less urgent, or you would like a quotation for future works, please use our contact form.