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Accepted To Acen Artist Alley


But holy shit all of the hotels are booked already

What the hellll


ACen, DashCon and a Kickass Con Season


I raced against a failing server to submit my ACen Artist application…it finally got in and it’s now pending. It was the most stressful 20 minutes of my life. :P Hopefully I got in on time. 

Also! Just finally was able to pay for my table as DashCon. Holy crap I’m so pumped for this con. 

I’ve got 5 cons I’m adventuring to this spring, 3 of which I’m selling at and 2 I’m just attending. Cannot waaaiittttttttuggghh.

Okay, anyways, just a little update. Love you guys. <3


Anime Iowa & The Aftermath


      Last weekend exploded with awesome.


The location, the people, the weather, the endless access to pie at Perkins.



I didn’t realize how much I missed cosplaying and attending a con without the added stress of the artist alley. 

It’s just one big party all weekend. 


      Of course on the drive home

Whilst pausing at a gas station

[[after driving two hours without gps 

the sort of wrong way]]

[[Which wasn’t so bad

because I love road trips

and driving and my inner Dean Winchester

guided me home]]


Blair [[still decked up as Cas]] discovered someone stole her phone and laptop [[brand new, hard earned]] 


All details aside.

It sucks. A lot. And watching Cas cry—-

It’s just wrong


     On many levels. 

          We finally arrive home

To an apartment newly cleaned of bed bugs

[[yuk— but no, it wasn’t us]]

[[old place + vermin in walls = creepy crawlies]]


And our shit spread out everywhere

And in desperate need of organizing 

We move the stuff back around

And I turn on my computer

My precious little computer with all the art and work and collections and memories and love for the last two years


Basically, Windows 8 murdered my computer


and I hadn’t backed up in…

too long [[I know, I know, dumbass]]

So I wiped everything. Started new.

No art, no sketches, no brushes, no GIFS. Nothing

Three weeks before my next artist alley con.

I just keep telling myself

At least my little brother wasn’t the vessel of Lucifer


At least I don’t have to deal with Angel-Identity-Crisis’


There’s no threat of Apocalypse [yet]


And I still make a mean sandwich. 


Love you guys. 

Thanks for reading this stupidly long post. 

Can’t wait to see you again. 

Let’s Eat Pie, 




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